3 Reasons to Tame Their Manes at Dog Days Grooming Salon

3 Reasons to Tame Their Manes at Dog Days Grooming Salon

1. Quality grooming makes for a happier animal

Many shops claim they can groom dogs, but your puppy’s anxiety suggests otherwise. If your dog’s tail droops at the very sight of a bad groomer, don’t subject those paws to poor service. It’s time to lay traumatic memories to rest. Our groomer thoroughly trims and cuts fur, nurturing and protecting your pet all the while. Call 406-451-6770 to schedule:

  • A basic wash
  • A blow dry
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail cutting
  • Haircuts
  • Nail filing

For your convenience, we’ll even contact you 15 minutes before the appointment ends.

2. Our human makes fast friends

Dog Days Grooming Salon owner Katy is the sole groomer at Belgrade, Montana’s preferred dog salon. This is because animals like stability and comfort. Other establishments may switch out staff, but Katy believes pets deserve consistency. She’ll strive to befriend your dog right from the start. For a better grooming experience, come to Dog Days Grooming Salon. Your puppy will leave with pep in its step.

3. 15 years of experience is hard to come by

If you’ve tried DIY dog grooming, then you understand how difficult it is to work with canines. Save yourself the hassle and protect your fingers. Book your pet for the complete grooming experience and leave that matted fur to the professionals.

Since Dog Days Grooming Salon prioritizes quality cuts, you’ll have a whole hour to shop, relax or grab an extra chew toy. Dog Days Grooming Salon exists to make tails wag in Belgrade, MT.