Grooming So Grand You Might Be Jealous

Grooming So Grand You Might Be Jealous

Give your pup a taste of luxury at the Dog Days Grooming Salon

You truly adore your four-legged companion – until bath time rolls around. More water splashes on you than on your pet. Soap gets in your dog’s eyes. Mud splatters everywhere. In short, the bathroom looks like a warzone.

Change up your cleaning routine and bring your puppy to our local salon. Dog Days Grooming Salon takes the utmost care of every pooch that bounds through our doors. Call 406-451-6770 to schedule your dog’s appointment.

No ruff treatment at Dog Days Grooming Salon!

No ruff treatment at Dog Days Grooming Salon!

Owner Katy will carefully wash, clip and trim any breed of dog. You provide the vision and Katy will do the makeover – all styling and cut requests are valid. If you need breed-specific advice, just ask. Katy has more than 15 years of grooming experience. Contact Dog Days Grooming Salon for:

  • A basic wash
  • A haircut
  • A blow dry
  • Ear cleaning
  • Nail cutting or filing

Katy uses a hypo-allergenic shampoo to protect your pets from harmful chemicals. Her standard oatmeal blend is safe for the littlest puppies and the furriest dogs. However, Katy also uses select shampoos and soaps for specific breeds.

Depending on the dog, a full grooming appointment typically lasts for 2 hours – because quality grooming takes time. Contact Katy to schedule your pooch’s pampering.