Michele Tucker

Katy is by far one of the best groomers I have used yet for my 2 boys. I have a Standard Poodle and Bordoodle, they have been through a few different groomers in the area. It got to the point when I would take them to groomers neither one of them would want to go in. A few groomers even refused to groom them again stating that they are hard groomers.

I would have to drag them out of the truck for their grooming almost as bad as going to the vet. Since Katy has grooming them they are eager to get out and seem to enjoy their groomings. Secondly the quality of her work is exemplary. Highly recommend Katy. She is very honest and professional and the fact that my dogs like her means everything.

Aaron Burnett

After searching far and wide for a groomer that is not only willing to groom, but understands double-coated dogs, Dog Days Grooming Salon was recommended to me.

I can't tell you how happy I am with the results on my Samoyed. She not only looks great but she was completely at ease with Katy and was visibly happy to get a good grooming! My boy is going in this coming week for his turn too! I am very happy I found Dog Days Grooming Salon!

Bobbi Robinson

Katy Day is by far the BEST groomer that I have ever taken my pup to! We have been visiting her for 6 years and enjoy each visit. I am beyond happy for her and her new shop and would recommend her to everyone. Not only is she great with the animals but her customer service is awesome. Even if she can't help you, she will bend over backwards to find someone who can. Keep up the awesome job Katy!

Wendy Bauwens

Katy is the most outgoing, accommodating dog lover out there. I appreciate being able to entrust my dogs to her and I always know that their adventure at Dog Days will be a good one and they will finish their day looking and smelling fabulous!

Diana Paulas-Stafford

I've known Katy for many years. She has been involved with Tiny Tails K-9 Rescue both as a groomer and a foster home. In my opinion she is one of the very best groomers that I have come across in Montana.

Susan Day

We are so grateful to find Katy, Allie, our 20-month, 114 lbs. Bernese Mountain Dog, loved her spa day! Well, I certainly LOVE how beautiful Allie looks after Katy pampered her.

We just relocated from Chicago and are thrilled to know we have found our new groomer! Thanks Katy!

Amy Dutsky-Gonzales

Katy is fantastic with both of my dogs of which one is quite the handful!

Shawna Matosich

Katie is an amazing groomer! All my dogs adore her and they always look amazing when they are done being groomed!

James Collings

Katy is amazing! She has been grooming my very large (and stubborn!) Great Pyrenees for years, and she has always done an amazing job! She knows exactly my preferences, and exceeds my expectations every time!! I highly recommend Katy!

Ashley Cranston

Katy took fantastic care of my 9 year old Great Dane and my 7 year old newfoundland! Highly recommended!!!

Codi Momberg

Not only is Katy an excellent groomer, she's also an amazing person!

BreeAnna LeeLynn

Love the location, Katy and pricing is comparable. She did a fantastic job on both my standard poodle and labradoodle. Dogs look and feel great. I look forward to making another appointment. Thank you for making my dogs look so wonderful and festive for the 4th of July with bandannas and bows :-)

Shyree Veltkamp

Katy does amazing work and Meeka loves her!! I would recommend her to everyone!

Shawna Longie

Katy did an awesome job on my shih tzu today!! I highly recommend her, she is amazing!!

Mandy Britton

Katy is one of the best groomers I know! She is very passionate about her work and genuinely cares for each and every dog and pet parent that she works with. Highly recommended!

Lacy Welles

Lily Bear looks great! You did a fantastic job. See you next time!

Madie Poole

Katy is such an awesome person! You and your dog's will love her!